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‘Twas The Eve Before Press Night...

This time of year is a busy one in Theatre. The number of Christmas Shows and Pantomimes up and down the country is innumerable. This year, I'm lucky enough to be in one of them; Robinson Crusoe at Greenwich Theatre.

As someone who didn't see a Christmas Pantomime every year growing up, performing in my first one has been a huge learning experience. There's a lot of technique and mastery that goes into the festive, slap-stick silliness of panto. And, with only three weeks of rehearsal, it has certainly been a roller-coaster ride. One I've thoroughly enjoyed.

Tomorrow is Press Night. Tonight I'll look back over my rehearsal notes. In the morning I'll choose my outfit for the Press Night Party. But, no matter what the reviewers say, I'm proud of the new skills I've learnt. And I'm grateful for the experiences I've had on this job so far. Oh yes I am!

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