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Creation and Reflection - 5 Days of Enchantment: Part 3

So, part 3 of my "5 Days of Enchantment" blog-along has taken a little while coming. Apologies for the delay.

I would say the upshot is that I have had plenty of time to reflect on my experience of this e-course, but thanks to my busy schedule, sadly no. It has, however given me time to continue practicing some of the exercises, but more on that later. First...

Day 5: Creativity & Essence

A replacement of the 5th traditional element, the spirit, there were 2 exercises to help unlock creativity and essence. The first, scribbling with my least dominant hand (my left) was designed as a way of opening up creativity. And it's always fun to scribble randomly. The final exercise of the e-course was to write a personal creed. And here is mine:

My Creed...
My Creed...


So it's been two weeks since the "5 Days of Enchantment" began, although it really doesn't feel like it. What I've liked most about the practices Jani has shared on this 5 day journey are incredibly easy to incorporate into daily life, no matter how busy you are. The biggest discovery for me has to be the benefits of the water drinking exercise from day 4. It is a practice I have found myself going to instinctively, particularly when I'm tired and lethargic, or anxious, and I've found it so helpful.

Above all, what these practices do is provide a key to unlock the present, the Now. The act of pouring a glass of water and feeling it flow down your throat as you drink, of feeling the wind and the ground beneath your feet, of watching a naked flame, can be turned into a tool to help you escape the worries of the past and future and access the Now.

And accessing the Now helps to calm stress and anxiety, unlock creativity and discover Everyday Enchantment.

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