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Ah! My Brain!

We all have those weeks.

You have a massive to-do list, stuff to sort out, mountains of laundry and cleaning to do, emails and letters to sort out... And sometimes, on top of all the never ending life stuff, you have big stuff to deal with and prepare for too. Not to mention all the things you want to do for fun but don't have the time.

I've been having one of those weeks for a while now.

In fact, here is an artist's representation of the state of my brain at this precise moment:

 My brain is leaking bad stuff...
My brain is leaking bad stuff...

As you may be aware, I'm moving to London in September, going back into education and embarking on a journey that I have been dreaming for my entire adult life (if adult life begins at 15).

Now, this transition is triggering a lot of different emotions, but I haven't really had time to process them with all the working and fundraising and packing/failing to pack and signing contracts and sending photos and documents to various official people and, you know, living.

So what do you do?!

Well, so far my strategy is:

  1. Keep living - I'm sticking with doing the stuff I need to do to live on a fairly regularly basis. Activities include sleeping, eating, drinking, washing and working in to buy food. Activities such as doing the washing up prevent me from being killed by my housemate, thereby further extending my existence.

  2. Prioritise - all other activities are done subject to the recently rediscovered to-do list. Luckly, things like form filling tend to have a time limit attached, bumping them to the top of the to-do list where they are swiftly eliminated. Cleaning and packing...not so much.

  3. Deal with emotions as they surface - as I don't have time to focus to sit down and work through my emotions re: "Holy Cow I'm Moving To London", I've been dealing with them as they come up. This usually involves either singing a lot and imaging being in various shows or telling myself that the rising panic and slight nausea are a perfectly normal reaction to this point in my life.

I'm not sure how long this strategy will last, but for the moment it's going ok.

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