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5 Things I've Enjoyed So Far on Tour

I'm currently on my first commercial tour. And so far, it's been an experience full of ups and downs, with long days and longer train journeys - and we haven't even headed to Plymouth yet!

As I come to the home straight of week 3 of the show run, there's still a ways to go until the end of the first leg of "The Dresser" tour. But here are some of the things I've enjoyed so far.

1) The People

You never know what your cast-mates are going to be like, but after nearly six weeks total I feel confident in saying I've met some good eggs on this tour.

2) Visiting New Places

There are loads of towns on this tour that I've never visited before, and even more new theatres. It's nice to have an excuse to see more of my home country.

3) Making Time for Me

I always find that being busy and away from home forces me to consciously practice self-care. Probably because I know if I don't it definitely won't happen!

4) Learning More About the Backstage Side of Things

Because I'm also assistant stage managing as well as performing, I have a real insight into what goes into putting a show on. It's definitely given me a deeper appreciation for the stage management and crew.

5) Seeing Friends and Family

My partner and I have made an effort to plan in seeing each other whilst I'm away and it has made such a difference! I'm also staying with loved ones at some of the tour stops as well. It's made my life feel less compartmentalised and given me moments and milestones to look forward to.

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