Terms and Conditions

  • Booking dates and times are dependent on my availability.

  • Single lessons can either be paid in advance when booking, on the day of your lesson, or within 48 hours of your lesson.

  • Lessons can be paid for in cash or by bank transfer.

  • Courses of six lessons are booked in advance, with payment made in 1, 2 or 3 instalments.

  • For course bookings, the percentage of the full fee paid secures the same percentage of lessons (for example, if you pay over two instalments, the 1st payment secures the 1st three lessons, the 2nd payment secures the 2nd three lessons).

  • I reserve the right to cancel or rearrange lessons in line with changes to my availability. Whenever possible I will give 1 weeks notice if I need to cancel or rearrange your lesson.

  • If I need to cancel or rearrange your lesson and you have prepaid, your lesson fee will either be transferred over to your next lesson or refunded, at your preference.

  • If you need to cancel or rearrange your lesson, 5 days notice to me will be required. Any unforeseen or exceptional circumstances that prevent this may be taken into account at my discretion.

  • If adequate notice is given, then your lesson can be rearranged if you choose.

  • If adequate notice is not given, then the lesson must be paid for before you can book any subsequent lessons.

  • Prepaid lessons

    • If you cancel your lesson with 5 days notice or more, your lesson fee will be refunded.

    • If you cancel your lesson with less than 5 days notice, your lesson fee will be transferred over to your next lesson.

  • 6 Lesson Courses

    • Courses can be cancelled a week before your first lesson with a full refund. After this, courses are non-refundable.

    • If you cancel your lesson with more than 48 hours notice, nothing will be owed and your lesson will be rearranged.

    • If you cancel your lesson with 48 hours notice or less, you will be charged a £10 cancellation fee.

Late Payment
  • If you fail to pay for your lesson within 48 hours of having it, you will be invoiced for the amount owed, to be paid within 14 days.

  • If this invoice is not paid, a late fee of £40 will be added to you lesson fee, and a new invoice for the full amount owed will be sent to you to be paid within 14 days.

  • If this revised invoice is not paid, interest will then be charged at 8.5% on the amount owed.

  • Continued refusal to pay the amount owed will result in legal action.

  • “Why do I have to give 5 days notice to cancel my lesson?”

    • Not attending a lesson, or cancelling without adequate notice, not only prevents other students from using that time, but also wastes the time I’ve spent preparing for your lesson.

  • “What if an emergency means I need to cancel last minute?”

    • If there are exceptional circumstances, concessions may be made at my discretion.

  • “Where do you teach?”

    • I teach at my home studio in Island Gardens.

  • “Why is there a £10 cancellation fee for course lessons?”

    • This cancellation fee compensates me for the time I will have spent preparing for your lesson. 

  • As a student you will be asked to provide your name, a contact email address and a contact telephone number (for children under 18, these contact details must be provided by a parent or adult guardian).

  • These contact details will only be used for professional purposes, such as sending invoices, booking lessons, and sending teaching materials (for example, sheet music).

  • Your contact telephone number will only be used in emergencies, for example if I have to cancel your lesson at short notice.

  • Only I will be privy to your information.

  • If you decided to discontinue your lessons, your information will be removed from my records.